Behind Compulsive Crafts, there is a person who has been struggling with their mental health for over 15 years. Feel free to call me Em! While searching for something that might make dealing with my mental disorders easier, I came across Bullet Journals, which brought me to Traveler’s Notebooks. This lead me down a deep rabbit hole. I quickly discovered that fueling my habit—plus buying journals to get my friends into it—was getting rather expensive.

In October of 2017, I lost my job of almost 6 years due to the wildfires in Northern California. Needless to say, my mental health took a dive. I struggled to find a job amidst the feeling of loss. But then I came across the Paperdori, the paper version of a Traveler’s Notebook. And a spark of creativity happened. And thus, Compulsive Crafts was born.

Compulsive Crafts is the place where mental health and creativity meet. My goal is to bring beauty and creativity to anyone who feels like they’re struggling and to give them the tools they need to thrive more and struggle less.